The hills of the Appalachian Mountains are home to some fascinating species of wildlife and some of those species need our help to survive. We are diving into some of the worlds cleanest freshwater streams to take a look at the restoration and conservation of the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout.


Film Synopsis

Restoring Brookies, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This is a feature length environmental documentary film about the restoration process of the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout with a fly fishing aspect. In this documentary we will be taking our viewers through the history of these trout, the process of their restoration in their native environment, and what all of us can do to help further conserve these beautiful little fish.

Along the way we will be working with agencies like Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Tennessee Aquarium, National Parks Service, Department of Agriculture, and many more. While learning from the agencies who have boots on the ground daily to help conserve this species we will also be visiting with locals and fly fishermen and women. We plan to learn more about the history of the brook trout in these areas, why restoration is needed, and how successful the restoration efforts have been.

This film is not only going to show us how the restoration works but also why it’s so important through the eyes of fly fishermen/women and the locals who see this fish as a part of their culture in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.


Support The Film

Your support is what is making this project possible! Without our supporters we could not bring this film to life and the world needs to see how and why the restoration is happening along with the stories of how it’s been so beneficial for the species.

10% of all money raised will be donated back to restoration efforts in TN, NC, and the GSMNP


While documentaries are low budget they still do not come cheap. We have a full team of people working to create the best product we can and to keep them all around we have to cover their travel expenses, food, and pay them for their work. As most know the restoration efforts take place at several different times throughout the entire year. In order to capture those efforts we must make several trips to the locations where these restorations are taking place and this quickly adds up. We are asking for your help! We are seeking sponsors to help make this project happen so we can spread awareness about the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout Restoration. We want to help promote this restoration and why it’s needed to spread the need for conservation so we do not see history repeat itself and possibly lose these fish forever. Without you we cannot make this film and we be forever grateful for your support.

Producer/Director Michael Cheser sharing his native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC.

Producer/Director Michael Cheser sharing his native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC.