PRESS Release

February 26, 2019

Restoring Brookies is a feature length documentary film that dives deep into the full process of Southern Appalachian Brook Trout Restoration unlike anyone has done before. It will cover all aspects of the restoration while also learning what the people affected by it think as well. Brook trout are a historic symbol to Southern Appalachia and their existence is important to the culture. This documentary will take the viewers on an adventure to see every little thing from start to finish and even onto why anglers enjoy these fish so much as they take us to catch some of these great native fish.

The filmmakers are currently raising funds to make the film. They are currently raising these funds through individuals and industry sponsors who are looking forward to the work of this documentary.

For more information about making contributions to the production of Restoring Brookies visit www.restoringbrookies.com or email info@restoringbrookies.com.