Our Team

Restoring Brookies has a great team in the works from different backgrounds all coming together to create the best possible film.

If you’re interested in joining the team please contact info@restoringbrookies.com with the subject “Joining The Team”


Michael Cheser - Owner/Producer Natural Visions Media, LLC

Living in Southern Kentucky, Michael graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Film Production. He’s owned Natural Visions Media since 2014 where he produces nationally broadcast TV shows, documentaries, and many other video projects. His production work has taken him all over North America where he has fished hundreds of species of fish in many different ways. Even though he’s fished for more species than most he still finds himself always coming back to Southern Brook Trout. His outdoor film production really took off after shooting a film “Hunting Southern Brookies” that won the Outdoor Film Festival and Tour in 2016. Today that love for brook trout has only grown and his idea to share the restoration efforts he learned about in 2015/2016 is taking off.


Jessica Denton - Producer / Conservation Manager

Jessica graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a B.S. degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. She has spent many hours in rivers, streams, and fish hatcheries devoting her life to conservation. Jessica is an avid fly fishermen and enjoys catching just about anything on the fly, while her favorite to this day is still trout. The day she became hooked on fly fishing was when she caught her first trout, a beautiful rainbow trout that rose for an elk hair caddis on her home water, the Caney Fork River. Jessica’s passion lies around salmon and trout and the conservation of these fish and their habitats. She makes a great producer for this project as she is very knowledgeable with the species and is passionate about the conservation and protection that goes into making our fisheries great.


Mike Johnson - Director / Underwater Camera Operator


Ben Childers - Aerial Cinematographer / 1st AC

Ben is a current student at the University of Kentucky, studying Political Science and preparing to enter the UK College of Law. However, he has always had a passion for the outdoors, travel, and media production; and over the past three years, he has combined those interests through short films showcasing natural attractions around the world. Collectively, Ben’s work has amassed over 20 million views, with audiences from over 100 different countries engaging with it. Loyal to his roots in Southeastern Kentucky, much of his work focuses on showcasing the beauty of under-appreciated locations that deserve greater recognition. Over the years, Ben’s productions have expanded into the fields of real estate, construction, and marketing, but the true heart of his endeavors will always be our planet’s incredible natural landscapes.


Brock Raper - Set Photographer / 2nd AC